Terms and Conditions

Damien Lynch ECONOMICS LTD. Online CPD Events. Terms & Conditions.
These T&Cs relate to Online CPD events (hereafter ‘events’) specifically and are the most recent as of (June 2022), and surpass all previous terms and conditions per se.

There are separate T&C’s for tuition services and in-person CPD speaking events provided by Damien Lynch Economics LTD., and are not related to these T&Cs.

It is reasonably understood by the company with the purchase and attendance of an event that the attendee has accepted these terms and conditions.

• In order for the attendee to participate in an online CPD event with DAMIEN LYNCH ECONOMICS LTD., ((Private Limited Company: Incorporated in the Republic of Ireland (16/04/2021): Company Number 653937)) hereafter (‘the company’) they must accept these terms and conditions (and any subsequent amendments to them) if they wish to proceed. Any changes to these T&Cs will be updated and attached to any future event for the prospective attendee to attest, henceforth accept or decline.

• Definition of Online CPD events that will be provided by the company.
Damien Lynch Economics LTD. Is a CPD Standards Board Accredited Speaker [ID # 70063]. Attendees receive matching CPD credit hours for their hourly attendance at events. One hour is awarded for a one hour event, two hours are awarded for a two hour event and so on. Attendee’s credit hours are awarded by the company, (which as a CPD Accredited Speaker has the authority to award CPD to its attendee’s) and recorded by the CPD Standards Board.
- CPD online events have a maximum of 20 attendee’s in order to provide quality and value.
- Events can be of any length as per ‘the offer’ by the company. But typically one hour in duration.
- Events are economic in nature.
- Events are educational and informative and are NOT financial or economic or any other sort of advice and MUST NOT be construed otherwise.
- Events are GENERAL in nature, in that the company shall create and design by its own virtue a detailed but general speech/presentation. The event will be marketed to the world at large and also specific target markets via social media, electronic and personal communications.

• Payment for attendance at an event is transacted through the ‘Store’ tab on the company’s website. www.damienlyncheconomics.com . Payment is due 5 business days before the event. It may be possible to accept late payments but there is no guarantee of this and is only possible if unfilled places for the event remains. There will be no penalty for a late payment but if the maximum has been reached (20 attendee’s) the late payer will be given the option of attending the next run of the same event or receive a full rebate less financial services fees. If an incorrect payment has been made (EG: Attendee paid for the wrong event) the company will be fair and make its best efforts to accommodate a satisfactory remedy.

• The speech/presentation hereafter (‘the product’) is owned before and after payment is made for attendance at the event and is copyrighted to the company. Attendees are paying for the event but NOT the product. They are free to use the information afterwards and a copy of the slides and notes will be emailed to them if they so desire.
• Delivery terms – the company is responsible for sending the webinar ‘links’ to the attendees. Attendees are responsible for ‘logging on’ to the webinar platform employed by the company. (EG: Zoom, Google Meets etc.).
• Pricing terms – Pricing is in British Pounds, and is transacted through PayPal.
• VAT – The company enjoys a VAT exemption from Irish Revenue as it fulfils the criteria of “Post-Secondary, Non Tertiary Education” NACE Code: 854200.
• Force Majeure; in the event of a total breakdown in online communications or some other unforeseen circumstance, the company will offer to rerun the event or provide a full rebate.
• If there is a complaint from an attendee which cannot be resolved satisfactorily to both parties, the company as a last resort will dissolve the CPD award and refund the fee.
• The relationship between the attendee and the company is ended after the completion of the event and the award of the CPD credit. No notice is involved as this is an automatic exercise. A new relationship occurs at the attendance of a new company event.
• The law of the Republic of Ireland governs these terms and conditions.
• Data and privacy details. When transacting with the company your information is considered private and sacrosanct. The company will NEVER sell or pass on your personal information in any circumstances or capacity.
• The company’s website does use cookies.
• The company endeavours to provide the highest quality of events and to respect all who interact with it, and of the accuracy of information provided on its website and in these T&Cs.

Damien Lynch
June 2022